Amber Lee

Amber Lee
Communications Strategist
  • 907.350.0486
  • Anchorage

Amber has more than 20 years experience as a successful executive in marketing, communications, and brand strategy. Her ability to balance creative and analytical thinking has made her a trusted partner to some of Alaska’s largest industries, as well as national and international organizations. Her work is data driven, agile, and always tied to measurable outcomes.


What project has meant the most to you?


In 2018, we were able to stop a health care repeal that would have put tens of thousands of Alaskans with pre-existing conditions from having access to health care.


Amber has an undergraduate degree in Communications and a Graduate Degree in Fine Arts. She has worked in every aspect of communication — from nonprofit messaging to corporate marketing and branding to political messaging strategy. She has been a key strategist in Alaska’s Congressional health care and climate change discussion as well as various statewide and local campaigns. She has two boys — Tristan and Finnegan — three cats and a Saint Bernard names Walter Matthau.

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