Ashley Taborsky

Ashley Taborsky
Digital Strategist
  • 907.947.0980
  • Anchorage

Ashley holds the honor of being one of Alaska’s rare Google Partners. Anyone who has worked with her on website analytics or SEO projects eventually refer to her endearingly as “the nerd” - which she takes as a compliment. Ashley is also a published writer and a well-known Alaska blogger ( who can talk for days about chickens, composting and honeybees.


What was your favorite cassette tape?




Ashley is a senior-level digital marketing consultant with professional experience ranging from running multi-million dollar start-up businesses to hands-on online content management and production. Prior to starting her own consulting business, Evergreen Communications, she played an integral role within several advertising agencies within the state and internationally. Ashley is an accomplished digital strategist with a demonstrated history of running award-winning campaigns for high-profile clients across a variety of industries. She’s skilled in marketing strategy, client relations, website IA, UX, SEO & SEM.

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