Eric Niemi

Eric Niemi
Web Strategist
  • 503.512.0525
  • Portland

Eric owns Threshold, a web design, branding and digital marketing agency in Portland, Oregon. He's an expert in applying the latest in web technology to most effectively meet his client's goals. He's a brand / design snob, but in his role that's a good thing.


What's the best thing about living in Portland?


It's a tie between the beer and the food.


Eric began his career in business and technology consulting. After a wide range of experience working for both large businesses and startups, he formed his own agency - Threshold. At Threshold he develops and manages all key client relationships, including all aspects related to sales, marketing, and development project initiatives.

Eric is passionate about design as it relates to building trust and meeting each project's specific goals. Over the course of his career he's been involved with politically oriented projects ranging from Super PACs to unions. He holds a BS from Oregon State University in Business with a focus in Management Information Systems.

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