John-Henry Heckendorn

John-Henry Heckendorn
Campaign Manager
  • 978.807.8576
  • Anchorage / Sitka

The Ship Creek Group is John-Henry’s company for running winning campaigns. SCG has been bring technology and hard-work to political campaigns with regular success. Need help getting your campaign organized and off the ground? John-Henry is your guy.


What do you see yourself doing 20 years from now?


Fishing a lot more than I am now.


John-Henry has managed or facilitated communications for over 30 local political campaigns in Alaska, winning every campaign that he has directly managed. He has worked government relations projects in Juneau and DC on issues like outdoor recreation, fisheries bycatch, and local food. John-Henry has previously worked and interned for the Alaska State Legislature and US Senate. He holds a BA in Politics and Economics from Whitman College and is a former All-American and national finalist in inter-collegiate debate. 

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