Mike Shethar

Mike Shethar
  • 720.474.1943
  • Portland

Mike believes that connections are capital, and loves nothing more than bringing people together that can help one another. By working with clients to identify their needs and blind spots, as well as their untapped talents, he builds the network that they need for success. If there is something that you want in the world that doesn’t exist, build it. Mike will bring the team. And probably appetizers.


What is your favorite vegetable?


Asparagus for sure. Who says that lobster is the only vehicle for butter…


After graduating from Ithaca College with a degree in child psychology, Mike skied, welded metal sculptures, drove a forklift, and served tables in Steamboat Springs, CO until the food world called him. He studied for two glorious years at The Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley, learning about food and wine, and also trying not to gain an insane amount of weight. Most recently, Mike comes from the culinary consulting world, having worked in new product innovation, branding and positioning for the past decade, working with companies such as Kashi, Frito-Lay and Whole Foods.

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