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Lottsfeldt Strategies is an advertising agency with expertise in campaigns of all kinds. We serve clients across Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. The firm is located Anchorage, Alaska, and maintains an office in Portland, Oregon.
  • Political Campaigns

    Running for office isn’t easy. For most people, the biggest stumbling blocks to becoming a candidate is the array of confusing rules, and the “hidden knowledge” of understanding all the mechanics of a successful campaign. We will build you a team from left-brain media gurus to right-brain accounting professionals that keeps your campaign organized, relevant and in-control of the message, medium and results.
  • Initiatives

    We can take your idea and put in on the ballot. Politicians have passed laws that make it harder to bring an idea to the ballot box. But we have mastered the process and have taken ideas directly to the voter. And it probably goes without saying; we are darn good at defeating initiatives. Not every idea is a good one, and we can help you defeat an initiative too.

Lottsfeldt Strategies Campaigns

Solution Focused

Lottsfeldt Strategies takes a holistic view of client marketing and advertising.

We ask for a seat at the table so we truly understand your challenges and goals, and then we develop a strategic plan that delivers the right message, to the right people, in the right way.

Our agency works with some of the Pacific Northwest's most talented individuals to provide mass marketing, digital, out of home, event, and social media solutions that are tailored to each client's needs. From the development of one of the most innovative phone launches for a telecommunications company to small, tailored direct marketing for non-profits, we tailor our work to the needs of our clients.

Our expertise is strong across all media. We make award winning TV and radio, great print, and viral Internet based marketing programs. You can check out our work here and see that we can produce some very amazing creative, but the proof is in the effectiveness of the work.

“Jim Lottsfeldt is the go-to guy in the political season. He has allies on both sides of the aisle, stays informed and is known for his effectiveness.”

US Senator Mark Begich

The Work Speaks for Itself

Our political ads have won Pollies and other awards. So what. It’s winning elections that matter. Take a look at our work samples and our case histories below to get a feel for what we create.

We use a research-guided process that ensures our messages are on point. Most candidates want polling to show them where they are currently in the horserace. We use polling to make sure your ads move you towards a win. It is a slight distinction with huge upside. Knowing what is on the voter’s minds, and what issues can propel your campaign forward is the secret sauce to a winning campaign.

See The Work

Case History: ObamaCare and the Kavanaugh Appointment to the Supreme Court

President Trump pledged to repeal ObamaCare and was stymied in the US Senate. Senator Lisa Murkowski’s vote was a critical difference. Jim Lottsfeldt and Amber Lee led an Alaska based effort to create the political bandwidth for Senator Murkowski to vote to preserve the Affordable Care Act. This effort involved tempering the rhetoric and approach from many on the Left, and battling an energized campaign from the Right.

Lottsfeldt and Lee also mobilized to fight the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme court. They coordinated a large group of activist organizations. There were many aspects to this contentious national fight that the Alaska effort capitalized upon, and ultimately Murkowski voted to oppose the nomination.

Jim Lottsfeldt and Senator Murkowski Jim Lottsfeldt & Senator Murkowski

Case History: PFD Voter

Jim Lottsfeldt was a founding member and General Consultant of the small group that decided to tackle and update Alaska voter registration by tethering it to the annual Permanent Fund dividend application process. This successful initiative has resulted in Alaska having the most accurate database of voters in all the 50 states, and it also registered tens of thousands of qualified, but unregistered voters.

Lottsfeldt helped guide the process that drafted the initiative, funded the effort and created the winning bipartisan campaign that voters adopted in the 2016 General election.

Case History: Alaskans for Walker

In 2014, most dollars were spent on the battle between Sen. Mark Begich and his opponent Dan Sullivan. Incumbent Governor Sean Parnell was cruising to an easy victory, or so most pundits thought.

Challenger Bill Walker squeaked past Parnell, making Parnell the only sitting Republican Governor to lose in an election during a Republican tidal wave coast to coast—switching the US Senate to from Democratic control to Republican.

How did Walker do it? One big piece of the puzzle was an Independent Expenditure campaign that defined his “unity” ticket and launched a sustained attack on Parnell’s handling of the National Guard scandal.
See One Of Our TV Ads

Governor Bill Walker Alaska Governor Bill Walker

Case History: AO37 Repeal

We led the media creation for the state’s biggest Labor campaign. This campaign repealed Assembly Ordinance 37 and was a stunning defeat for the incumbent mayor (who also lost a statewide election at the same time).

Our efforts with digital advertising, radio, signs, TV and radio combined to create a huge effort that put the human face of municipal employees in front of voters. It was a critical win.

Case History: Ethan Berkowitz for Mayor

Following the very negative campaign season of 2014, we helped create a positive path for Ethan Berkowitz to get elected mayor of Anchorage by the largest margin in city elections.

Voters view Anchorage as a middle-right kind of city. However, Berkowitz, a clearly progressive candidate dominated the election and following runoff without ever attacking an opponent.

This victory was crafted in the selection and consolidation around Berkowitz, a solid campaign from the candidate, and public safety themed independent expenditure campaign we put together.

Internet Changes Politics Forever

We may be based in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, but we use the best of the best when going “Digital.” Revolution Messaging has made headlines for the phenomenal platform they created for Bernie Sanders’ fundraising and outreach.

And Revolution Messaging is our go-to vendor for all digital projects; large and small. We have been working together since 2014, and plan on doing the same for many years to come.

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